i am addicted to starbucks

i am also addicted to selfies

hence my weird and wonderful collection of starbucks selfies, or as i call them 'starbies'

it's not easy looking this good sucking a straw

Drink: Triple Caramel Frappucino
Rating: 6/10

back to black

tired of looking like a teenager with a really bad dip dye
so i got some really cheap hair dye from the pound shop

and voila

back to black.

Finding a signature look??

I've had so many different looks over the years, and I have yet to find my niche.

Just wanted to document all the looks I have had, and think about what next?

The dip-dye bob

The red dip-dye bob

The brunette mermaid

The gothic memaid

The brunette thinker

The bleached ends

Return of the awful red dip dye

Quirky black fringe 

Drunk dip-dye (why is my waist belt so high?!)

That time I wore a bowler all summer (which got ran over by a night bus)

Emo Throwback (journalism summer school)

I obviously have too much time on my hands, it's really interesting seeing these all together though.

It's embarrassing and inspiring, I guess I know what look I wanna try next.